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I too am psyched to follow this newsletter about climate psych. :-)

I applaud the “plain language” tone of the initial post. Thank you for that!

In a tweet in response to Kimberly’s act of kindness alerting me to this newsletter I noted: “The peacock graphic focuses only on individual behavior. To achieve decarbonization & resilience at the necessary scale & pace also requires a focus on the attributes of place: policies, physical environments, products/services.” I hope my comment came across as a helpful suggestion to include higher units of analysis in this conversation—social networks, organizations, communities, the attributes of place—in addition to a focus on individual-level psychology.

Individual behavior is necessary—especially if the behavior is focused on actions that have leverage in producing system change (e.g., advocacy actions aimed at public, institutional and corporate policies)—but not sufficient. I look forward to participating in the conversation about how we can use our insights as social and behavioral scientists to bring about what is necessary and sufficient to achieve decarbonization and resilience at the necessary scale and pace.

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Hey Ed and thank you for your comment! I also replied on twitter, but am psyched (pun intended!) to have our first comments here, so here comes a second reply :) I (we) absolutely agree that individual action is far for from sufficient, and that one of the most important tasks we as psychologists, behavioral scientists and others need to take on is that of shifting the perspective from the individual mitigation to a collective fostering of a decarbonized world inhabited by resilient people.

For the sake of readability and keeping the length manageable we decided to limit the focus of this first post to that of information being insufficient as a sole factor for creating behavioral change (whether it be individual or collective behaviors).

I'm so happy to hear that you share the perspective of us all needing to move beyond individual action, and hope that we can continue the conversation in upcoming posts!


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I'm psyched for this newsletter! Excited to read more!

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From Climate Alarmism to Climate Realism......

It’s time to stop the climate activist and alarmist nonsense and revisit the climate science.

We need to stop misleading the general public by spreading unsubstantiated scare campaigns that we have a climate emergency when all the scientific facts show that the climate change is mainly beneficial.

Also, we must leave the energy providers alone to get on with providing low-cost reliable energy to power our national prosperity.

Of course…. pollution on land sea and air is always an improvement journey to continue.

But, get used to the facts ……the climate is changing, and its natural, and its mainly good news, and its not us!

I suggest you review this package of information……

Its now clear we are at critical mass of scientific dispute that we have any kind of climate emergency.

We have now released a documentary that is getting viewed by our political organizations.

A Climate Conversation - YouTube


It addresses the truth about climate causation and so-called climate catastrophes.

The Intent is to reverse the foolish NetZero journey .

We at Clintel have released a peer reviewed declaration by almost 2000 scientists that states that we do not have a climate emergency.


We now have many scientists ready to argue with the IPCC reports….

Here is a presentation of a letter they have sent to IPCC.

Clintel Assessment of IPCC Reports - YouTube


In my recent Brainsmagazine article I mention 3 powerful scientific alternatives to the IPCC that has now shown itself to be more political than scientific.


I think the jig is up for the IPCC…. And the activists, who should redirect the focus to sustainability and pollution reduction, but not climate change.

The future effort must be to provide an alternative position to the Climate emergency Net Zero rhetoric and move the population toward Climate Science and Realism.

Reversing Climate Alarmism - by Nigel Southway (substack.com)


Although effort must be expended to provide the scientific facts to reset the understanding of “Climate Reality” any meaningful change and progress will probably take significant political change and unwavering leadership and bravery by those of us that strive to seek the truth to push through the Climate alarmist cult and move everyone toward “Climate Realism.”

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I think you might enjoy this post from Climate Psyched that we published late last year: https://climatepsyched.substack.com/p/dealing-with-climate-denial

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Look….. all this discusses is the concept of human denial of reality that can happen to an individual or a population as part of what I call group think… and we have that issue big time with climate change.

But I could equally argue that I could use the same toolkit to explain why climate alarmists are in denial by not looking at the most recent scientific facts.. the same symptoms apply

I would say that very few of us are in denial that the climate is changing but we are in dispute as to if it is an emergency.

The issue is what is reality.. and that can only be managed with the scientific process which is what I do..

Look…If you are from Sweden you may be interested in what your neighbors are saying

This from the Norwegian government offices …Using theoretical arguments and statistical tests we find that the effect of man-made CO2 emissions does not appear to be strong enough to cause systematic changes in the temperature fluctuations during the last 200 years.

To what extent are temperature levels changing due to greenhouse gas emissions? (ssb.no)


Time for you to look in the mirror and test your own reality. :-)

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